And that’s why it makes sense to start this journey…

My son has been off on a road trip for about a week and this past holiday weekend we took my daughter back to college.  After a two hour and something drive we were off to visit the husband’s family.  The next day it was the drive home, unpacking and getting ready for work the next day.  It was busyness.  

Last night as I stood in the kitchen and looked around I saw the empty living room and kitchen.  I walked to my office space and noticed the two empty bedrooms and the long walk to the other side of the house.  I also checked in on my husband sitting in the oversized bedroom getting ready to go down to the basement and run on the treadmill.  

Everywhere I looked there was a whole bunch of things and many of them had not been touched for ages.  I also thought about how much of the house we actually use.  I stood in front of my husband and I said, “do we really need this much house when they both leave for good?”  He agreed this evening really showed how much we don’t need. 

We have thought about downsizing during our hectic day to day with the kids home; with something going on all the time this has not been a new thought.  What is new, however, is the realization that we really don’t need or use many of these things or much of this space…not really.  

I don’t want to enter my next life journey tethered to so much stuff.  I want to have time for experiences and “me” time. (I spent a decade raising my kids as a single mom before I met my husband.) I want to feel the freedom I had living in a Chevy van so many years ago. That and so many other dreams circle my mind.  

And that’s why it makes sense to start this journey…